Exploring Salt Lake City 

A few weeks ago, before the craziness of Sundance began, I decided to spend a day in the city on my own while Derek worked the Outdoor Retailers show. It’s been a long time since I’ve lived in a new city and I’ve found that the best way to get to know Salt Lake is to just take off and walk and see where I end up.

I began the day by taking my pup, Wallace, for a walk around nearby Liberty Park. He was excited to sniff everything and stopped frequently, so I just enjoyed walking amongst the rays of sun that came pouring through the trees as we wandered around the park. It was quiet and not many people were out, so it was a great time to breath in the fresh air and build my excitement for the rest of the day.

After dropping Wallace off, I took the TRAX system to the Rio Grande station where the Winter Market was being held. I walked the ground floor and the mezzanine of the building checking out all the home grown fruits, vegetables, cheeses, breads, chocolates, and other goodies. I’ve been to the market a few times since we’ve moved here and dragged Derek along when I could, so I already had some favorite booths lined up to stop at. My first stop was Drake Family Farms, a local farm that makes and sells delicious foods made from goat’s milk. I decided to try some of their goat milk yogurt and added that to my bag as the first purchase of the day. It’s always tempting to by so many other things because it all looks so tasty, but I refrained and headed to make one more must have purchase, salsa from Salsa el Diablo. Derek devours this salsa every time I bring it home and it’s his only request when he knows I’m headed to the market.


From the library, I headed a few blocks over to the the Salt Lake City Film Society’s Broadway Theater and caught a showing of Wild. I had just finished reading the book by Cheryl Strayed and thought it would be fun to see the movie on my day out. It did not disappoint. I’m no movie critic, but I enjoyed the film and love a good story about a strong woman conquering any challenge.

I finished the day wandering a few city blocks and taking the TRAX back towards my apartment. I stopped along the way to snap a few more pictures of the beautiful sights around this city.

With each passing day, Salt Lake City feels more and more like home. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. Spending a day just me and the city helped me feel even more connected to this great city than I already love so much. I plan on having many more days of just me, my camera, and the city.img_7280img_7290img_8300img_8297img_8299img_8303img_8306img_8305img_8307img_5858img_5859img_5865img_5852img_7329



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