The one year mark 

Today marks one year since we arrived in Salt Lake City. I’ve spent a lot thinking about our move this last week and all that has changed in our lives over the last year. It’s amazing to see how everything seems to have just fallen into place here. I know that has nothing to do with us, but God.

This time last year, there were a lot of emotions. Excitement about living in a new place. Sadness at saying good-bye to the many people we loved in Texas. Stress at the packing, the job searching, the overall change, etc. Fear about whether we were making the right decision and whether things would work out for us in Salt Lake. This year, one full year later, I feel content. We are happy here. Salt Lake now feels like home.

And what a first year it has been! We got jobs, we moved into an apartment, we traveled, we met a lot of people, we bought a house, we traveled some more, we had tons of visitors, and we spent a lot of time exploring the city we now call home. Derek turned 30 here and I will in about 6 weeks. Life has changed greatly for us in the last year, but right now the change seems pretty normal. This is our new normal life.

I’ve discovered a lot about myself and learned so many lessons over the last year. No one really tells you what to expect when you make a major change in your life.  Like making new friends-I never considered what it would be like to meet new people in a new city in your late 20s. Although have made friends and gotten involved in the community, Derek and I relied a lot on each other (maybe me more so than him) and spent more time together this year then we have in previous years. Which, ultimately, makes me proud as it is a true testament of the strength of the friendship in our marriage.

And I love so much about Salt Lake. I love that everywhere I go and no matter where I am in the city, I’m greeted by the mountains. I love the sunsets over the mountains, I love that you can see the snow just at the tops of them at the beginning of winter, and I love hiking the trails in the fall with the leaves crunching under my feet. I love our neighborhood, Liberty Wells.  I love that at random times throughout the day I can hear a train whistle in the distance even though I don’t know where it’s coming from and on Sunday afternoons the sound of bongo drums can be heard being played by the hippies gathering at Liberty Park. I love the food, the music, the outdoor activities, I love it all! I still have moments where something gets me and I think, “Oh my gosh, I live here.”

To look back on this journey, to see it start with so many unknowns and now seem so simple, reminds me of how faithful God is. We had to trust so much that the call we felt to pick up and go was part of His plan, that He would work out all the unanswered questions, and that He would be there each step of the way. And the major lesson I take away from this last year is this-God truly never fails. An overall easy lesson it would seem from the surface, but once you really test this by step out into something that could be pretty scary or go very wrong and then feel God the whole way through; then I think there is a deeper truth to that statement. It means more to fully know that He is always with you and when you put your full trust in Him, He will guide you through all the unknowns.

So, this last year has definitely been one to remember and I know there is even more in store for us in the coming days, weeks, months, and years. Here’s to many more big adventures in Salt Lake City!