As Autumn Comes

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love everything about it-the cooler weather, scarves, boots, pumpkins, and Halloween. I love that fall kicks off the start of the holiday season. My favorite thing about fall is the changing leaves and colors. I have never lived in a place that is as beautiful in the fall as Salt Lake. The yellows, reds, and oranges start to pop up all over the mountains and then spread down into the city. It is absolutely gorgeous and I become a bit obsessed with getting out into the mountains in time to see the fall colors in their prime. The last weekend of September we stayed up in Park City while we participated in the North Face Endurance Challenge (Derek ran the 50 miler and I ran the half marathon). While Derek ran, I drove around Guardsman’s Pass and enjoyed the sight of the fall colors mixed in with the snow! Yes, snow…in the mountains…in Septemeber. Amazing! And then recently, Derek was nice enough to indulge me in a scenic drive around the Alpine Loop in American Fork Canyon. It’s about a 26 mile drive around the Timpanogos area through golden Aspens and beautiful mountain peaks in the distance. The best time to go is the last week of September. We were able to make it the first weekend of October and it was the perfect way to kick off my favorite month of the year! So pardon me as I flood the rest of this post with photos of fall in Salt Lake City.



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