As Winter Comes

For the first time since Thanksgiving we can see the grass in our yard. The snow is melting and the weather is getting warmer. Although I’m sure there are still a few more random days of snow ahead, I have survived my first real winter in SLC and really my first real winter anywhere.

I’ve never lived anywhere with a true winter. My years spent in North Carolina and Southern California brought little to no snow and I had a handful of wintery days while living in Texas, but nothing compares to this past winter. Even last year’s winter here was more than I’ve experienced, but mild compared to most as I’ve come to understand. Utah is a winter wonderland and I’ve learned that I enjoy it!

I managed to get around in it and have gotten used to driving in snow (which is a big deal for me as it used to terrify me). I’ve hiked, ran, and walked my dog on the snowy mountain trails. I built a snowman in our backyard. I have learned to embrace winter and all the wonderful things that come with it. Here a few pictures that sum up this winter season.



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