Mid-January we traveled to Portland for a long weekend of beer drinking, city exploring, and outdoor enjoying. It was a last minute decision to get of town and check out a city that I haven’t been to in awhile and Derek had never been to at all. We arrived late Friday and checked in to our Airbnb. It was a cute little backyard cabin complete with a record player, tiny fireplace, and a homemade, eco-friendly outhouse. We woke up Saturday morning and ran through Forrest Park and then roamed with the animals at the Oregon Zoo. After some coffee and a shower, we made our way to Hopworks, Base Camp, Cascade Brewing Barrel House, and Schilling Cider House. We ate a long the way at different breweries, but focused more on the beer then the food for most of the weekend (when in Portland, right?).unnamedIMG_1590IMG_1605IMG_1607unnamed-3IMG_1576IMG_1573IMG_1589IMG_1618unnamed-4Sunday we took a day trip to Hood River after a quick stop at Stumptown Coffee. The scenery from Portland to Hood River is absolutely amazing. Although damage from a fire last year is notable, the views of the Colombia River, mountains, waterfalls, and trees are spectacular. We took a scenic drive near Mt. Hood, walked around the picturesque town, checked out Double Mountain and PFriem breweries, and stopped on the way back for a wine tasting. That evening we meandered around the downtown area and walked across one of the many bridges. It was then time for more beer, so we made our way to Breakside Brewing. We had late night pizza slices at Sizzle and browsed Powell’s before turning in for the night.unnamed-7unnamed-8IMG_1686IMG_1678unnamed-15IMG_1689IMG_1695unnamed-16unnamed-21unnamed-20unnamed-19IMG_1733Our last morning, we had coffee at Tov, an Egyptian style coffee house located in a double decker bus. We walked around Hawthorne Boulevard while eating breakfast from local food trucks. We then drove more through Forrest Park and stopped at the Grotto before heading to Fire on the Mountain Brewing to meet up with my friend, Amanda, who I hadn’t seen in ages. It was the cherry on top of wonderful weekend to get to reconnect with an old friend. The three of us had one more beer at Culmination Brewing before Derek and I said our good-byes to Portland and flew back home to SLC. All in all a fantastic getaway to cap off the holidays and prepare for the 10 days of Sundance that followed!IMG_1794IMG_1804IMG_1761IMG_1799IMG_1835IMG_1855


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