Tetons and Yellowstone

Two more National Parks checked off the bucket list! Last week, we drove north while my parents were visiting to do a mini exploration of both parks. We stayed at a quaint Airbnb on a farm in Driggs, ID. The view of the Tetons was spectacular, we would wake up with them right outside our window! We spent Friday shopping around Jackson, WY and driving the Tetons. The rainy weather prevented us once again from seeing the Tetons up close as they were covered in fog, but Jackson was lovely as usually and it was great to spend even a small amount of time in Grand Teton National Park. On Saturday we spent the day exploring Yellowstone. I had never been to Yellowstone myself, so was super excited to see the sights. I was blown away by Yellowstone. Wide open spaces, exploding geysers, and animals everywhere…perfection! It was a breath taking day. We entered from the west entrance stopping at Grand Prismatic Springs, Old Faithful, Yellowstone lake, and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. It quickly became one of my top 5 favorite parks so far. The drive from where we were staying took us through 3 states-Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. We did a quick tour of Bear World on Sunday, per the request of my mother on Mother’s Day, to see some grizzly and black bears up close as well as some adorable cubs. We saw a lot, but still only a small portion of what both parks have to offer so we are already planning time to go back and enjoy more.IMG_3979IMG_3980IMG_E4006IMG_9309IMG_E4022IMG_9309IMG_9301IMG_4119IMG_9271IMG_9261IMG_9272IMG_9275IMG_4154IMG_9279IMG_4164IMG_9284IMG_9298IMG_4183IMG_9254IMG_9322IMG_9345